Mobility and 1:1 Device Scheme’s

The future of education devices is wireless; allowing education to break through the limits of the classroom wall’s and enabling students to experience learning with a familiar experience regardless of their location.

Device schemes are a dauntingipad-907577_1920 process, with a range of questions that arise. We have experience in a range of operating systems and device options, but there is a guideline process we use that ensure we prepare for success. As a trusted partner we can provide assistance throughout the whole development, from parental engagement and deciding on the correct device to handing out the device on launch day and ongoing support.

Not only do we consider the wireless, but also the underlying IT infrastructure to ensure that there are no bottlenecks or potential issues for performance. Wireless technology should be pervasive and free flowing; allowing teaching and learning to take place at the learners pace.

The latest wireless technology designed for Education is capable of handling the challenges of the School and College environment. The latest wireless standard (802.11ac) can deal with:

  • Density – with speeds of up to 1.3Gbps and in built management technology our wireless solutions can handle at least 30 devices in each classroom on just one Access Point.
  • Roaming – moving from one side of the school to the other is processed with ease as students and teaching staff move from room to room without a drop in signal. Allowing seamless connectivity.

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At Odyssey we have worked with a large number of wireless vendors to select the very best for education. This enables us to be confident in the ability of any wireless solution we provide to be fit for purpose for the vision of your school, be that a class set of devices or a full pupil wide device scheme.