Data Breaches and How To Prevent Them

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Data breaches happen daily. In 2014 alone there were 2212 confirmed data breaches and a shocking 700 million records lost.  According to Fortinet there are an average of 81,000 attempted OE Speech Markattacks per organisation, 1 in 6 organisations has undetected ‘botnets’– a network of private computers infected with malicious malware and 27% of these attempted attacks targeted educationorganisations. Internet security is important for schools. Daily data breaches, website defacement, viruses, malware, as well as DDoS attacks can be crippling for both primary and secondary schools. Is your Academy or School prepared to respond rapidly to a sophisticated cyber-threat landscape? Data breaches in the education area can cost over £200 per record/ person to remediate following a cyber-attack.

Fortinet and Odyssey understand that these attacks are extremely advanced and therefore your security defences must be even more sophisticated.

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Fortinet offers Advance Threat Protection solutions with real-time automation that work together as a highly effective and manageable solution to prevent, detect and mitigate todays threat across the full attack cycle.

Fortinet’s Cyber Threat Assessment Programme (CTAP) is a free of charge service that provides you with in-depth information about the current state of your network, covering key areas of security threats, productivity, and performance. We deploy a FortiGate appliance for up to 7 days, by sharing the logs with Fortinet we can build a detailed report and at the end of the trial you’ll receive a Cyber Threat Assessment providing a health check of the strength of your networks security. Fortinet’s Cyber Threat Assessment is straightforward and completely free of charge.

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