Consultancy and Cost Savings

Every ICT project should be carefully contemplated, but often in an educational settingSpeech 1
we don’t have adequate time to take a step back and consider the outcomes.

All too often this can lead to ICT systems growing organically as and when the need arises – leading to confusing processes that can severely impact teaching and learning.


Our experience includes building solutions from ‘greeStudent Blackboardn field’ sites, adding elements to an existing and established infrastructure and overhauling defunct or troublesome systems – so whatever your situation we can provide knowledgeable and trusted advice. We can help you avoid the common pitfalls of IT projects, and we have developed a range of consultancies that aim to tackle some of the burning questions and topics that commonly arise in education, these include:

  •  Which Operating System is right for our School?
  • Developing a sustainable strategy for 1:1 device schemes
  • Building a 5-Year budget and refresh plan
  • Blue sky days – to discuss any aspect of ICT in your establishment
  • Technology days – a day of innovative technology from a range of leading manufacturers and developers

Our in-house services include consultation, audit and training work to help schools engage with their IT in a more holistic manner.

Give us a call on  01582 437 110 to chat through our consultancy options, the sky’s the limit and your Journey starts here.